Monday, 30 October 2017

Normal People

A foreign world, nothing I could imagine

People, real people doing different things

They're weird and unusual but it seems,...well...just normal

Normal people, normal people...

No extremism, no radicals, no IS

A foreign world I don't understand, I must brown my face

Who's ever seen a white Muslim?...I must brown my face

Lots of people doing the same thing, in a mosque

It looks normal, normal like a church congregation

No radicals, no IS

Hijabs and skull caps, a foreign world I don't understand

I must brown my face, wear a hijab and see for myself

Why do I fear them?

They're different because I'm white

So, I will fit in...I'll brown my face and wear a hijab

I'm the same now, normal people, normal...


© Robin Welsh

My Week as a Muslim might be 2017's most divisive show

Robin Welsh writes poems and rhymes daily about all life in general...but mainly politics, human rights and world affairs. Performing at every opportunity he can get, not yet published because of procrastination.