Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Las Vegas

Gun Controlled

“Gun control ?”

“I controlled it.”

Bought the legal rounds

Bought the bullets screaming loud

The voice of NRA screaming

“That’s what makes America proud”

“Gun controlled

I used it.”

The second amendment

The senators on the hill

The guy who shot to miss and killed

The domestic settled on a hand gun

A boy caught between the cross fire

And now the highest figure

Written in the clouds

Burning at hell’s door

Take away these fire arms

No more.

The Guns Controlled

YOU controlled it

© David Mellor

Las Vegas shooting: Trump dubs killer 'sick and demented'

David Mellor is from Liverpool, England. He found understanding and belief through words, and his work has been aired widely, at the BBC, The Tate, galleries and pubs and everything in between. Discover more about David on his Facebook Page YouTube Twitter: @olunikat

Aftermath  (Sonnet)

Heard shooter, down, and blood, then candle, spree.
Today’s compelling sweetness makes it worse;
Our seeming lean to darkness baffles me:
These acts horrific, repetition's hearse!

Let's sheathe our swords, and listen to small birds;
Note vultures sulking, high on gnarled trees.
Their beaks are how they eat, and never words
That poke and prod like bullets - Pray release!

The challenge now is writing how I feel
While dragging every word with rusted chains
That snarl, beg, delay, repeat – I yield:
Just give us nests with birds, a cleansing rain.

The writer wants to slumber with a dove,
to feel soft wings, no words, consider love.

© Kay Weeks

Nothing Will Change After the Las Vegas Shooting

Kay Weeks worked for 30 years for the US National Parks Service in the area of National Historic Preservation, retiring in 2005. She writes and publishes poetry in the US and the UK.