Friday, 6 October 2017

A Dead Sirte

Once we've cleared the bodies
Once we've dug the graves
And found a space where
Graves aren't already dug
Which won't be easy

Once we've done the digging
Which won't be easy
When the earth's like concrete
And the sun's like glass
And it's mass graves we're digging

Once we've steeled ourselves to the
Mosaic mess of mutilation and said a prayer
Which won't be easy
For we don't know who the bodies
And the body parts belonged to

Once we've finished with the shovels
We can hand over to Boris's
Bright British guys who can't wait
To build a steel glass and concrete
City with mosaics and open space

And water fountains and terrazzas,
Beaches with better sand than ours
Maybe a Formula One race one day
And of course a tasteful memorial
To all the bodies who were people once.

© Charlie Lambert

No 10 rebukes Boris Johnson over Sirte 'dead bodies' comment

Charlie Lambert is a former journalist and sports broadcaster who turned to a different form of media in 2016 when he started writing poetry. He lives in Liverpool.