Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Turkey Vultures

…like a group of balding monks gathered in prayer
Peter Dunne

Nothing pious about the vulture
at the roadside where I stopped my car
to watch its wrinkled red head pluck
at bloody guts. It eyed me and hissed,
then dragged its meal behind a bush.
Wasted effort—I’m not fond of gopher.

Observe a vulture’s six-foot wingspread
riding the thermals, but consider
fifteen shaggy mounds roosting high
every night in the maples.
I have eight children, Maggie said.
Those birds better keep their distance.

© Nancy Scott

Turkey Vultures, the Underrated Locals

Nancy is author of nine books of poetry. Many of her poems deal with social justice issues.
She resides in New Jersey, USA, www.nancyscott.net