Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sunday 'Shorts'

Letter to My Cousins

Dear Munchkins, just to keep you posted.
I wore #Target, #Walmart, and #Payless today.
I went on a shopping spree at Acme, got there
in our ten-year-old Chevy with “Keep Ohio Lovely”
and smiling emoji stickers on the rear bumper.
Spent $21.15 on Cheerios, skim milk and two-for-one
packs of chicken parts and ground beef.
In the check-out line ahead of me, a platinum blonde
bragged to her iPhone how she’d been cast
as a African princess. Aw shucks the scene got cut.
Hey, we spent two glorious weeks in August
traveling from Canton to Little Rock
in our new reconditioned RV. Love, Loretta Sue

© Nancy Scott

Louise Linton: What to know about Steve Mnuchin's wife

Nancy is author of nine books of poetry. Many of her poems deal with social justice issues.
She resides in New Jersey, USA,

So Donald Said to Harvey…

“Well, you have may limited rotating concentric powers—so sad—
but, please get this, Mr. Rabbit, I am King through election,
and that gives me the sole power to forgive a man
who wasn’t guilty in the first place because we need to get
rid of those people who aren’t white and with us…
to enhance my standing with others who love me, and make them happy!”

© Kay Weeks

Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall Near Corpus Christi, Tex.

Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio, Who Became Face of Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

Kay Weeks is a retired historic preservation professional who lives in Oella, Ellicott City, Maryland— she paints and writes and shares.

even more fun if

even more fun if, in the future, these abused youngsters
send old Tory money grubbers down t' pit with only a candle for light and a plastic hat to keep em from harm should the scraping o' the shit shovel bring th' whole cavern crashing
upon em . . .

© Philip Johnson

Tory peer says Brexit is good because young people will be able to work longer hours

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