Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A Dreamer’s Questions

Did we have a right to dream these dreams
about living in this dreamed-up musical line,
“Home of the free…and land of the brave?”

Frankly, I think DACA is a harsh acronym,
But the word “Dreamers” says it all, and gently.
So now, gracious extension, perhaps 6 months
to stew in the chemical and bacterial Harvey waters
before we get the boot? What good is that?

More: What good is it to dream if there is no dream?
And when we wake up, the dream was simply an illusion,
Jeff Sessions—that you could take away?
Your purity is showing, Oh! And so beholden
to brutal Daddy Trump, and yes, I’ve read about the Hessians;
just want to say that all of these acronym promises are tainted,
and yet I want to stay—awake—and be free.

© Kay Weeks

Trump Seriously Considering Ending DACA, With 6-Month Delay

Kay Weeks, retired from DOI, NPS (national historic preservation) lives in Ellicott City, Maryland. She writes and paints and loves the ocean, rivers, and yesterday’s sunrise.