Sunday, 17 September 2017

1960s Immigrant to Boston

I. First

Off the boat.

Real houses made of wood.

Four feet of snow.

This is U.S. winter?

Need to use the John?

What to answer?

(My brother John just dropped me off.)

Five dollars a week to clean, cook,

babysit three kids.

Use only back door.

Part-time cashier at A&P.

Two large nickels equal one very small dime.

Oh you have an English accent.

Work to lose it.

Women on the T dress-up

thick make-up

poofy hair

but sneakers not shoes.

Also poor?

II. College First Months

No money, no car

can’t drive anyway

also on wrong side.

Irish and blacks run from police.

Yemenis run from their land

hide face in college coffee shops.

Beatles blare on the street.

Pro tennis at Longwood Cricket Club.

Jamaica Pond near Pill Hill.

Bailey’s ice cream, chocolate sauce.

Fenway path, keep going past Sears…

Ahhh, the Red Sox.

© Lavinia Kumar

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