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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

What Took You So Long?

And every time the doorbell rang
I thought it might be you,
but no -
a plumber to fix a leaky tap,
a man on a bicycle
selling chicken soup
or my wife,
unable to locate her key -
each unaware
that they had walked themselves
into the plot.

© Maurice Devitt

The guilty secret: Chinese crime writer arrested for four cold-case murders

Maurice was runner-up in The Interpreter’s House Poetry Competition in 2017, he has had poems published in Ireland, England, Scotland, the US, Mexico, Romania, India and Australia, runs the Irish Centre for Poetry Studies site and is a founder member of the Hibernian Writers’ Group.


  1. Gosh, there's a real sense of tension in that short poem. I like it.

  2. Creepy story. Fine poem. The leaky tap makes me think of the Chinese water torture method and perhaps that's how the writer felt over time.