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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Washington DC Hotel

Melt the $24 cigar in a pot

Take a selfie with candied bacon

Insist on US flag fly in your cocktail

Enjoy ketchup cups topped with whipped cream

            Saunter over to men stirring curry

See – that’s the white man in a white suit

And, oh, move the lollipop tree next to bleached teeth

Wind dental fluoride around Bible-thick steak

Widen your smile with a $150 cognac

            Run down a red, white, blue lapel pin with a gold saber

Stab a crystal with an autograph pen

Ensure salmon does not mix with stallion

Wipe a lubed hand on a blue velvet curtain

Be careful the cheese on your cheek does not melt

© Lavinia Kumar

Trump Hotel at Night: Lobbyists, Cabinet Members, $60 Steaks

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1 comment:

  1. I love some of these images. Bible-thick steak - very clever.