Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Two Voices on Climate Change


I married long ago

Connell to Kumar

Adopted kitty Peyton

answers to Buddy

Oklahoma tornado

call it wind’s whim

Floods in Miami

moon’s caprice

Climate change

weather extreme

GOP human


© Lavinia Kumar

USDA Staff Were Coached Not to Say ‘Climate Change,’ Emails Show

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What have we done?

Oh God, is this revenge for what we’ve done
for It appears that we have blocked the light
everything is grey, we’ve lost the sun,
each day thick clouds and rain from morn to night
The air seems thick, unpleasant to inhale,
it’s far too hot and smells of curious fumes
pervading everywhere - metallic, stale.
Some think it is the end of all that looms.
Then suddenly appearing comes the sun
and so for days temperatures soar,
no rain appears for weeks - this isn’t fun,
I’m thinking I can’t take it anymore.
Now rain appears again in such a quantity,
perhaps this is the new reality.

© Wendy Nicholson

Anger over 'untrue' climate change claims

Wendy Nicholson has previously contributed to Poetry24. She is at present a member of a Wells Poetry Group. Wendy is retired, having been a teacher, then research scientist.