Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Poetry24 Relaunched

Poetry24 is open once again. But it couldn't have happened without the support and enthusiasm of some notable individuals. Namely Clare, who invested an enormous amount of effort to make Poetry24 a reality in the first place. When I contacted her recently, with the news of my plans, she said, in her typically generous way, "I never thought of it as dead, but 'resting', and wish you well with it." Thanks, Clare.

Big thanks too, to Abigail and Hamish, who not only kept the whole thing afloat until 2015, but helped me, hugely, to get Poetry24 back on the rails.

I look forward to receiving your submissions (I already have at one for consideration, and that's before the relaunch!).

So, here we are. The news doesn't stop happening, and I'll bet your poetic talents haven't dried up, either. This is the place to air your news-related poems and you can submit them to me, here at Poetry24

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Martin (Ed)