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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Intolerants Not Welcome

© Mark ‘Mr T’ Thompson

How the battle of Lewisham helped to halt the rise of Britain’s far right

Mark 'Mr T' Thompson is a South London poet, actor and educator of Anglo-Jamaican heritage. His work is focused by a desire for political and ideological change and an understanding of the importance of historical and cultural context.


  1. Intolerants not welcome - The battle of Lewisham 13.08.1977

    An anti muggers march, called by mugs who wanted to spread hate

    August thirteenth in ’seventy seven, history demands we mark the date

    when South East London screamed out for black and white to unite and fight,

    ensuring wronguns on right would never again be so bold or bright.

    The backward Front was in for one hell of a surprise;

    they'd find Clifton was a hill up which they just couldn't rise,

    So behind brown-boy hunting boys in blue, and baton wielding horsemen,

    on Achilles, this most dishonourable guard wheeled to come again! 

    But the locals stood firm, even with kids in our front ranks, 

    so today, we youngers need to give it up and show some thanks

    to those old boys and girls who got up, stood up, and who never come fi play -

    the beating heart of Lewisham who pogo-skanked to block the way.

    Some will tell you that we rioted,

    and they are not entirely wrong

    but we would not be quieted

    and we faced up proud and strong

    landing one thump 'pon fascism's glass chin;

    sure, we fought with the law, but the law couldn't win

    because these are OUR streets 

    and this IS our home

    where from the cradle we've been rocked by our beats

    and mock racists, who still fear on these roads to roam.

    See, what happened on this day is, 

    as one, our people made it clear -

    intolerants, listen up, unnu are not welcome here!

    Mark ‘Mr T’ Thompson August 2017