Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Fools Circle

I remember growing up

under the nuclear threat

first with Nixon,

with his Mutually Assured Destruction.

Then under Reagan and Thatcher

with their studied

belligerance and

half-cooked idealism.

Our teacher in Room 14

told us about the

hands of the clock

showing 5 minutes to


Told us how it showed

the state of the world.

Which quietened us down a bit

as we looked at those

skeletal fingers so close together.

And now, there's another,

seemingly mad brained man.

Full of testosterone

"look at my missiles"

and "we'll head them off at the pass".

God save us


no one here will

if this guy pulls




© Hamish Mack

Hamish Mack, a New Zealander, is a part-time microbiology technician. Aghast at the world as it careers down this very strange timeline.