Tuesday, 2 December 2014


After 88 sparkling years
Tonight your light 
Is extinguished
And you fought so hard
To hold back time
With needle and scalpel
Until it was pointless
Then you didn't care
Why would you

Duchess of Alba

Spanish royalty
With a strong claim 
 To Scotland's throne
But you never had time
For any of that
You didn't care
Why would you 

Flamboyant, eccentric

A penchant
For plastic surgery
Reported 'The Lady' 
Holder of the right
To ride a horse
Into Seville Cathedral
You never gave it up
Why would you

When you last married

To humble Alfonso
25 years your junior
The family squabbled
Worried about money
You took no notice
Why would you

To the end you continued

Doing things your way
Grandee of Spain
The Most Excellent
£2.8 billion fortune
"I have a lot of artworks"
You reportedly said
"But I can't eat them, can I?"

Sleep peacefully

Sad eyed lady
Of the magazines
You have done all
That was expected
Of one in your position
You never wanted more
Why would you. 

 Duchess of Alba Dead.

© David Subacchi.2014

David Subacchi was born in Wales of Italian roots. He is a well known poet especially in Wales and the North West of England and is increasingly published internationally. His English language collections ‘First Cut’ (2012) and ‘Hiding in Shadows’ (2014) have both been published by Cestrian Press.