Monday, 8 December 2014

Tell Me a Secret

Tell me a secret or sing me a song
With Miss Bassey you can't go wrong
Mr Goldfinger wants you dead
But won't just put a gun to your head

No self respecting villain would stoop so low
Preferring, instead, to make it painful and slow
There must be a thousand ways for a spy to die
But you live on with your secrets and lies

Near misses? you've had more than a few
But no one woman will ever tame you
Girls and gambling at the Casino Royale
It's only queen and country to whom you're loyal

Gadgets and guns seem to give you a thrill
Not shaken but stirred with a view to a kill

Kevin N. Jelf

Kevin N Jelf is a 50 year old graphic artist who has lived and worked all his life in Birmingham. For Kevin, writing poetry is something of a compulsion. His subject matter ranges from the personal to the topical. He has previously been published in The Cannon's Mouth Quarterly and Here Comes Everyone. His work has also been seen on The Open Mouse and The Recusant