Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday Review

Monday's poem was Heads in the Sand" by Harvey  Molloy  a look at the current lack of action by the New Zealand government about climate change. This culminated in a mass "Heads in the Sand" demonstration on some NZ beaches today. There's some good imagery in this poem too.
And you

What do you see when you see the ocean?

How can you hear the breakers with your head stuck in the sand?
On Tuesday it was nice to see David Subacchi back at Poetry24 with his poem "Why Would You?"  It is a poem about someone who I had never heard of but found very interesting and I looked her up in Wikipedia after I had read the poem. I was particularly impressed by:
Reported 'The Lady'
Holder of the right
To ride a horse
Into Seville Cathedral.
Abi's poem on Wednesday "The Outcome" needs no comment from me as it searingly explains a situation that I cannot imagine. Thank you Abi. It is time for a change in society.
Now, a whole long lifetime on, I weep
to see how little things have changed:
murder is not murder and rape is not rape;
the power play goes on
and the outcome is the same.

Thursday's poem by Pete AK" RIOT IS AN ART FORM" is a look at how the ruling elites around the world are not bothering to hide their greediness and offers hope of an uprising to defeat them. It can't happen to soon in my opinion.
Let art grow into rebellion; come people, loot the shelves,
there are abundant words and wisdom for us to gorge ourselves.

On Friday we published "The Ugly Man" by Thomas Martin which talks of Van Morrison and his work. You either love Van or hate him and he doesn't seem to care but the lyrics and the music are still there. I do like the references to his music in the poem.
Yet his music flowed like honey
As he always soared to reach the Astral Planes

Have a good week, all and keep sending in your poems. 

UPDATE: I put the wrong title onto PeteAK's Poem. It has been changed and I apologise to Pete for the error.