Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Review

We began this week with a light touch from Kevin N. Jelf whose Tell Me A Secret is a response to the recent announcement of both the title and caste of the new James Bond film. As someone who would rather stick pins in her eyes than watch another such movie, I had better not say too much about this story. I am sure it will be shiny and slick and rank with the smell of dirty money. I suspect, anyway, that La Bassey herself, these days, would be above such a thing. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt and so on.

Tuesday's poem was THE MAN WITH THE CAP by Thomas Martin which marks the passing of the famously cap-wearing former deputy and political campaigner, Jackie Healey Rae.I cannot pretend to know much about the life or work of Mr Healey Rae but I do like a man who sticks to his principles. Similarly, I like a chap who, even under pressure from media luvvies, is prepared to stand by his cap.

Wednesday brought us to Essex, 1820, a clever and powerful piece by Scott Starbuck which draws on the fate of the crew of the Essex, a whaler out of Nantucket, to make some disturbing points about out own attitudes to climate change. With wonderfully appropriate irony the Essex, because of the profitability of her voyages, acquired a reputation for being 'lucky'. It makes you think, me 'earties, doesn't it? Make sure the last stitch goes through the nose.

the ostentatious breast-feeder by Steve Pottinger was our poem on Thursday. Such has been the coverage in both the mainstream and social media that this one needs no explaining. Well done, Mr Pottinger. Thank you for speaking out.

The Demise of HIV by E. R. Olsen was our final poem of the week. Remember HIV? I know, darlings. This year it's Ebola. HIV so very last year. This well-crafted poem  reminded me again of the way big 'human drama' stories fall out of our headlines with depressing predictability once their 'news value' has passed it's sell by date. Perhaps those with the money and the power to do so don't want so much to solve these problems as to use them to distract us and to keep us bound and gagged by fear?

Well, that's all for this week except to say there will be an important announcement tomorrow. Have a happy and stress-free week. Abigail Wyatt