Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Review

Julian Dobson's "Lighten our Darkness" began the week with a look at the "enhanced interrogation" report on the activities of the US CIA. The report is not pleasant reading and undermines the perception of the US as honest players in the international game. The results of the programme are not at all clear but as this well crafted poem explains, ironically
We only seek the truth. The light.
Tuesday's poem was "I Can't Breathe" by Lois Bassen which is a short poem that says a lot. I like the way that the birds are used as a counterpoint to people marching and the last line is perfectly weighted and chilling in it's implications.
slips around Her neck like a noose.
Stefanie Bennett contributed Wednesday's poem "Midnight Gardener"   about the hostage taking in Sydney. It is a lovely poem that tells of how Stepanie copes with an increasingly incomprehensible world. waiting for the time:

When this mother-land of ours will again

Clothe herself in the language
Of petal and leaf 
 Gary Smillie contributed Thursday's poem "The Morning After ii" about the Scottish referendum which is a good poem looking at the aftermath of this momentous event. There is a melancholic air about the poem which contrast with the triumphalism of the victims.
In Glasgow, midnight oil and dad’s best scotch
Burned rather sorely in the throat, but though
Acid reflux almost made the odd man spew
Most kept their cool and drifted sadly home
Luigi Pagano made a welcome return to Poetry24 with his poem "Deutsch Für Alle"on Friday There is some nice word play in the poem which shows up the rather ridiculous side of the situation.
Conversations can be serious

or can be sardonic

as long as they are
entirely Teutonic
Have a good week, all. It was extremely good news to hear that Martin Hodges will be returning as editor. Poetry 24 could not be in better hands