Thursday, 4 December 2014


The freedom to discover truth is integral to anarchy.
The right to revolt, deeply sourced in history.
Who knows if revolution can establish a democracy?
At least let us be rid of the slime of this bureaucracy.

Lock and load buddy, fire words straight and true
against the artifice of a society in which reward stays overdue.
Let art grow into rebellion; come people, loot the shelves,
there are abundant words and wisdom for us to gorge ourselves.
Our ministers of parliament, smart of dress and white of smile,
expenses claimed in government keep them in a style
to which they're now accustomed.
Champagne deceptions, shirking parties, Cabernet meetings;
that's them leading by example,
homes and bodies more than ample
as they parade the finest shambles
of privilege and ownership
while working families raise their kids
to respect a queen and her House of Lords
and watch them dine on caviare, we plebs just can't afford.
When government becomes criminal,
condemns the weak, ignores the poor,
it's an invitation for every man to
raise yourself above the law.
It's 'they' that plant the seeds of rebellion,
'they' breed the mistrust around everything,
'they' feed the seed propaganda and repression,
so this enraged poet will sing
anthems that will nourish vagabonds and rebels,
promise to light stars for revolutionary devils,
whose riot is an art-form for men not heard.
We don't vote politicians into power,
we elect them to serve.

David Cameron wants 2014 to be year that Britain rises.

© Pete Ak.  Caerleon, S.Wales. UK.

Former Asst Director, Univ of Wales.
From a  student of Psychiatric Nursing to Sports Psychologist and University lecturer. Thence to music, rock'n roll, poetry and a broadening of psychologically based work to 'Performance Psychology'.