Monday, 1 December 2014

Heads in the Sand

After work we meet by the bay
to a shoot our film
I’ve brought the props: plastic bucket and spade,
champagne flute, a report from scientists
to feel the force of my heel.

The late summer sky is turquoise paua
with silver cloud flashes
a strong wind hassles my tie
as we shoot fast in the fading light.

The work we do after work
is our true occupation 
it’s what we do now:
Videos, events, marches, gatherings
we who are about to be watched,
about to be listened to
we who shall never know the profile
on our files.

And you
Who watches the watchers?
Who tracks the quivers in the listeners’ lies?

I play you in my suit like an ill-strung mandolin
My arm outstretched to the petrodollar reserve of raukawa moana
My splayed palm waving away public dissent
Come dine with us.

And you
What do you see when you see the ocean?
How can you hear the breakers with your head stuck in the sand?

A phone rings in a superior’s office
What is the market’s exit strategy?
Who aside us will take that call?

Last shots. Voice overs. Over dubs.
Our promise to you
When the day comes there shall be more of us.

© Harvey  Molloy
Coal Action Network and Climate Action groups throughout New Zealand are calling for people to turn up a designated beaches throughout NZ on December 7th to show the governmental what they feel about the lackof action on climate change. There's more on this planned action at