Friday, 19 December 2014

Deutsch für alle

You may think it’s the U.K.I.P.
who are saying “By jingo!”
immigrants may stay here
but must speak the lingo.

No matter if they are Asian
or come from Bulgaria
they’ll have to talk German
over there in Bavaria.

Conversations can be serious
or can be sardonic
as long as they are
entirely Teutonic.

The Christian Social Union
say there should be a debate
and make legislation
at the earliest date.

But was it specified
in the Treaty of Rome
that  the ‘Deutsch’ idiom
should be spoken at home?

© Luigi Pagano 2014

'Speak German at home' row as conservatives target migrants

Luigi’s poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies. He has published three poetry collections: “Idle Thoughts”, “Reflections” and “Poetry On Tap”. He contributes to UKAuthors, and Poetry24.