Friday, 14 November 2014

The Poetry of Party Political Debate

The Tories are clear where they stand
With Sonnets and couplets to hand
They will rhyme like old Will, so to sugar the pill
Of more cuts that will blight this fair land

Labour prefers to go back
To Blair’s speeches on which they will tack
Some lines from a Poet, who’s far from heroic
And will do all he can for the craic.

The Lib Dems will use pretty prose
Whilst the people take hold of their nose
It used to be sick, to agree with ‘cool’ Nick
But now the whole land will say No.

The Green Party have one MP
Who says it’s the Haiku for me
In seventeen syllables, one can be very clinical
In saving some old trees and a bee.

UKIP are asleep at the back
After six pints in the Woolpack
They think poetry boring, hence all of the snoring
So dream ways to deal out more flak.

The gallery which is packed to the rafters
Now suddenly explodes into laughter
What they’ve heard has been jokes by the Westminster folks
So they’ll hack WikiLeaks for the answer.

©Peter Raynard

Peter Raynard’s poems have appeared in South Bank Poetry, New Left Project, Happenstance, and Verbatim Poetry. He edits the blog, featuring poems of working class lives from various poets. @proletarianpoet; @peter_raynard