Tuesday, 4 November 2014

'Maybe The End of Days Is Near'

America is like an old dog that has become mean,
And sends robot planes to bomb Syrian villages.
"We're killing terrorists," says the military,
While the poor villagers bury their children.
The dog called America still bites.

The Pope has said that there is no Hell,
And that is hopeful, but who needs a Hell
When the poor are starving in the streets?
Hell has a face that resembles hunger.
Hell sleeps in downtown doorways.

Border guards are the new priests in this world,
But what are borders anyway? They are the lines
People draw to mark where their hatred begins.
Anyone on their side of the border is right.
On the other side? They are all the enemies.

Fat millionaires are sharpening knives at night.
They hone the edges with silver dollars,
And they pray to their great god, Money.
Tomorrow they will slice up the workers
And offer their flesh for a key to Heaven.

Maybe the End Of Days is near. Judgement
From on high. How many children must be buried
Before God turns on us with rage and vengeance?
How can we defile the earth and not expect
The earth to gather its final fury and expel us?

James Lee Jobe

US launches 10 air strikes in Syria

James Lee Jobe has been published in Manzanita, Tule Review, Pearl, and other periodicals. He has four chapbooks, including What God Said When She Finally Answered Me, from Rattlesnake Press.