Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Review

Abi had the Monday poem this week with the very fine ‘The world’s going crazy… (nobody gives a damn anymore’ – from Brother by Ray Davies) which tells of the current state of things using the commemoration of World War One as an example. Abi sums it up with:
somewhere, another ‘hero’ falls;
as men fall dead are widows made;
yet still we love to dig a grave.
Cleveland Wall's poem "The Better Part of Valour" was Tuesday's poem about a convenience store robbery and the effect it had on people. I like the way that the incident occurs but not many are aware of it. 
Go home, you seekers of snack foods
and cigarettes, and think about what
has happened and what has not

Gary S. Watkins had the Wednesday poem "Zombies" which has a bleak future view, but shows the value of being informed about what is happening.
Our lands and waters poisoned,
Homeless people die,
Soldiers fight in foreign lands,
The zombies shuffle by

On Thursday, Sue Norton in "The blind sculptor who thinks everyone should touch art"
illustrated some of the beauty that is around us that people can provide. There's some lovely imagery to enocurgae the reader to think about the sculptor and the sculpture. 
blown silks of stone rippling across a veiled
head turned aside to the right, arms trailing
swathed as if with weeds by flowing water 

Friday's poem "The Book of the Unclaimed Dead" by Alejandro Escudé  Looked at the practise of "unclaimed dead" and what it means. A very nice observational poem about a subject that society is not keen on thinking about. There is a lot of very good imagery and philosophy in this poem.
The books are kept in a church-like room,
But the bones in the boxes form only accidental crosses.
The body is simply wrapped in a white sheet
That will not survive the holy imprint of a face.

Have a good week everyone, keep submitting your poems and give some thought to being an editor at Poetry24 next year.