Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Review

This week we began with At Our Work Place by E.E. Nobbs in which brevity belies power. I was particularly struck by the starkness of the final lines:

New words, now:  Learn what they mean. 

Marc Woodward's poem Poppies was similarly striking and drew much favourable feedback on our Facebook page for which we are most grateful. Please don't forget, though, if you have the time, to comment on the blog itself. It is so validating for the authors who have given generously of their work by submitting.

Wednesday's poem was Love Thy Neighbour by Samantha Bernstein who was commenting on a story that I found most disturbing, the threatened arrest of a ninety year old man for feeding the homeless.
Then, on Thursday, Jackie Biggs gave us the 8,000 hands which was both chilling and beautifully written. Thank you, Jackie, for tackling this most painful and daunting of subjects.

Our final poem of the week this week was The Poetry of Party Political Debate by Peter Raynard which, with a touch of light-heartedness, took us back the present laughable of British politics. Since all I have to say on that subject is 'Don't get me started' we had better leave it there. Have a good week and write lots.

Abigail Wyatt