Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday Review

Something went wrong with the posting mechanism on Monday so we did not have a poem that day. This meant that the first poem of the week was "Maybe the End of Days is Near" by James Lee Jobe. I think James gets the mood of the times very well here. These are too interesting times. The final two liones sum it all up very well.
How can we defile the earth and not expect
The earth to gather its final fury and expel us?

Wednesday's poem was "Squares" by Niall O'Connor which looked at the other side of the mood in that people are starting to get fed up and do something. This weekend 1500 people in New Zealand marched against the secret trade deal our government  are trying to negotiate with the US and others. They marched in Auckland's Aotea square, Niall because, as you put it so well :
we pulse with new found freedoms,
ubiquitous in our reach.

 Thursday's poem was "The Scar" by Lindsay Oliver which gives a very honest and clear account of the damage that child abuse does. It is a very well written poem which fully examains the devastation around this terrible and widespread crime.
This scar holds a secret in an outstretched hand,

sculpted of mud, branded by rain, and etched in sand.

This scar was lit by a slow burning fuse.

It will bend you, break you, force you to choose.
Sue Norton's poem "Written by Mrs. Bach" was Friday's poem which looked at some all-to-common sexism prompted by Andrew Lloyd Weber's dismissal of some of Bach's music being written by his wife. One has to ask how long these sorts of prehistoric attitudes will last. Really.
So say those arguing she helped author
some of her husband’s work. Madness. A woman?
Calm down, chaps; it’s unworthy of discussion. 
 I hope you have a good week and enjoy the poems, here. Remember that we need people to replace Abi and I for next year so please have a think about giving it a go. Full training will be given.