Thursday, 27 November 2014

Culling Humans

They are culling the people now,
the ones that, they say, don’t play a good part
in the wonderful ‘big society’.

They must be made to pay, they say,
the ones that are a ‘drain on the state’,
the ones that can live no other way.

Elaine Christian drowned under the strain
of the ‘work capability assessment’.
She was found dead in an English drain.

There are many more who have elected to die;
people like her, who see no other way
to live with this Government and its lie.

They cut her benefit and left her destitute.
She jumped with her son. They died under a car.

Richard Sanderson could not go on
after a letter from his council told him
that his housing benefit was now all gone.

Grandma Stephanie Bottrill couldn’t pay her bedroom tax,
she told her son to blame the Government
and walked in front of a lorry on the M6.

Martin Rust was ordered back to work.
He knew he could not go, and
the only answer he had was to go berserk

he hung himself when his HB was reassessed.

David Groves faced a medical ordeal;
he died of a heart attack
while he searched for a way to make an appeal.

Leanne Chambers jumped in the river.
They told her she’d have to work, and
there was no more money they could give her.

Stephen Hill died of a heart attack
after they said he was well enough to work,
and there was no reason he couldn’t go back.

Mark Scott was left completely penniless.
Declared fit for work, his benefits were stopped.
And like all the others, he died of hopelessness.

They are culling the people now,
the ones that, they say, don’t play a good part
in our wonderful ‘big society’.
We owe them a full roll call,

but we cannot know the names of them all.

Jackie Biggs

Jackie Biggs is  from west Wales. She has had poetry published on websites, in magazines and anthologies. Some of her poetry appears on her blog:
She performs her work at live literature events all over west Wales.