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Monday, 10 November 2014

At Our Workplace

We're in lockdown because of Highest 
Importance email updates
and Directives from National Headquarters;
because 1300 kilometers away (800 miles)
a reservist is shot while guarding
the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 
and dies there. See his big 24-year-old smile:
photos of him with his dog. He has
          a young son.

A woman at the scene does what she can:
I kept saying close to his ear —
          'You are loved.' 

New words, now:  Learn what they mean. 


E.E. Nobbs

E.E. Nobbs won the 2013 Doire Press International Poetry Chapbook Competition. She's the author of The Invisible Girl which can be ordered from http://ellyfromearth.wordpress.com/  and lives in PEI, Canada.

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