Friday, 28 November 2014

A Story of Our Time

Vulnerable girls
are roaming the streets
with older men
who give them treats.

They are taken by taxi
to so called parties
where Ecstasy pill
are supplied like Smarties.

What with the drugs
and strong alcohol,
the wretched waifs
are out of control.

They fall in love
with Tom, Harry or Dick
but they have succumbed
to a diabolical trick.

The chosen sweethearts
don’t really care;
all that they want
is that their mates share.

The girls are passed
from pillar to post
and very soon
their innocence is lost.

And when they realise
it is physical abuse,
it may be too late
to be of any use.

People are deaf
to their cry for help
and dismiss as fantasists  
the reckless whelps.

Now at long last
we all know the truth
and can render justice
to the wronged youth.

Some of the victims
do no longer feel failed
as their exploiters
have finally been jailed.

© Luigi Pagano 2014

Luigi’s poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies. He has published three poetry collections: “Idle Thoughts”, “Reflections” and “Poetry On Tap”.