Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Thoughts in the bar at Richard Strauss’s Salomé

Oh, bring me the head of the bad politician
the false prophet
of failed multiculturalism
peddler of division, stirrer-up of strife
populist pubcrawler
gurner extra

Bring it to me on that silver platter over there
and I will dance around it gleefully
will slalom down the grand dress circle stair 
slashing through the billowing veils
of obfuscation
                           and the rest of that hot air

How everyone will stare!

What’s that you say? Drink up, there goes the bell?
Sorry, I was miles away, saving us from hell

©Mandy Macdonald

Inspired by Nigel Farage's glee at election of first UKIP MP

Mandy Macdonald is an Australian writer living in Aberdeen, Scotland. She has been writing poetry clandestinely for as long as she can remember, and is now finally letting other people see it.