Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Review

This week our Monday poem was the work of a new contributor, Rebecca Gethin, whose poem 'Entrapment' open with the striking image of 'Tanks squat in the sand/ on the desert ridge/ immobile' which, for me, brought to mind a picture of tanks occupying the horizon like so many ponderous and glittering jewelled toads. Welcome, Rebecca, and thank you for choosing Poetry24.  

Then, on Tuesday, it was the turn of Mandy Macdonald whose 'Thoughts in the bar at Richard Struass's Salome' was inspired by the satisfaction shown by Nigel Farage following the election of UKIP's first - and, hopefully, last - MP.  I think that this poem probably expressed the thoughts of many of our readers. It is, I should say, a particular source of embarrassment to me that my home town of Grays in Thurrock is one of the areas where UKIP looks menacing. I use the word 'menacing' advisedly.

Wednesday's offering was 'The First Artists'  from regular contributor, Sue Norton. This is a beautiful poem written in response to a story about the discovery of some of the earliest cave paintings known. Wonderful, wonderful closing lines:
'Their beauty beckons, only revealing
our hands match theirs. We are their legacy.' 

On Thursday, it was my own 'One Percent' which was a somewhat hot-headed response to three of the stories I found on my Facebook news feed that morning, When I showed this poem to my partner, David, he said: 'It's a bit angry and bitter, dear.' Well, yes, that about covers it. Guilty as charged.

Our final poem of the week was 'Peace Prize' by Dr Fareha Razvi which is a tribute to the strength and courage of Malala Yousafzai, a worthy winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. It was good to have a positive end to the week. Our thanks go to all our contributors. 

Abigail Wyatt