Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday Review

We began this week with Gordon Nicholson's response to the 'bendgate' fiasco. In the 'The Fall' we see apostrophe employed to humorous effect to question the importance our culture attaches to a simple device for communication, 'Oh naked phone of perfect beauty,' the author declaims with some  intensity, 'Status of premium degree' and 'Love most profound'. He then goes on to lament the fact that 'Perfection, once yours is ruined for ever'.

On Tuesday, I pulled rank and put up my own 'The Up and Up'.  The fact is I was so cross at what I saw on the BBC news coverage that I had to write something and, having written, it seemed a shame to 'waste' it, so to speak. Anyway, this may prove one of the last opportunities I have for self-publishing - though it's fair to say that we have not yet been flooded with offers to take over the editorship.  Come on, guys, it has been almost two years now. It's time for some new blood.

Wednesday brought us Philip Johnson's quirky too-poor-poem',  a response to The Guardian's report on the ills attending skinny jeans.  This innocent-looking piece I read as a caustic comment on the world we have created:  'too vile in deed/ too late already'. Of course, I could be reading too much in.

On Thursday, Sue Norton gave us Striking IS: a dilemma which makes the point about violence breeding violence with particular clarity and power.

We ended the week with another visually striking poem, After 'Longing, Belonging' by Hossein Valamanesh by Stefanie Bennett. This poem opens with a truly great image:
'the yellow rose darkened
By crushed light
Is reason
Turned ageless within '. Wish I had written those lines myself. Thank you, Stefanie.

So, see what you are missing, my friends? You could be publishing such great stuff as has landed in our inbox this week and being an editor of Poetry24 truly is rewarding. It's just that Hamish and I feel that we have done out bit and that other projects are calling. If you think you could be one of a team of two or three editors, please drop us a line. In the meantime, have a productive week. 

Abigail Wyatt