Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday review

Monday's poem was "Absense of Remorse" by Lesley Quayle which looks at the horrendous process of a sexual abuse trial where the victim is " skinned and shredded." It is a heart wrenching poem which is made more horrifying by the realisation of how widespread this sort of predatory behaviour is.

Nicolette Foremen's poem "The Taiji Dolphins"   which presents the Taiji dolphin slaughter as the crime against nature that it is. The poem also contrasts the normal silence of nature with the eerie silence left behind the killing. 
Away from the deafening pounding, 
Away from the crimson waters

Wednesday's poem "High Voltage" by Petra Vergunst, tells of a power cut and the romantic scenario that it might start. it sounds very nice.
as we pull our chairs closer to the fire
share crackers, cheese, autumn’s last grapes
 Thursday's poem was "Face of the Earth" by Heather H. Thomas. Heather explores the thought processes we all go through when the news of the murders posted on line by ISIS in Iraq. The poem raises alot of issues about what is happening there, I think the major one being how we are reaping a bit of what we sowed.
Our weapons their weapons looted from Iraqi army  

after we think they have WMD and bomb,

and their dictator hides in a hole.

Clare Hepworth-Wain's poem "And All Your Money... "was Friday's poem and looked at the issue of building a nuclear power station. The poem points out how the inhabitants of the area may be left as the attention of the world moves off.
cannot buy hope for those existing in cardboard rooms,
 left to chew iodine and scarf their children’s swollen necks...
Now, a repeat call for people to take over the editorships from Abi and I for next year. It is not hard work and is somewhere in the region of 1-2 hours a week, at the very  most. Please give it some thought. It is a great honour to be in receipt of such fine poems and be able to publish them
 Have a good week and keep sending in your poems.