Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday review

Simon Williams started this week with "Dendrogramma Enigmatica' I like the poems final stanza that reveals what we all feel sometimes about science. Could it be more exciting some times?
there’s just the edging of a wish

that, rather than a minute mushroom animal,

it could have been a gryphon.
Tuesdays poem was Anne Whatmough's "MILK" which made a good point about the work that farmers put in and how they should be paid a living wage price for the very valuable  product they make.
Milk on the cheap we all enjoy

Doesn't warrant the work they employ
On Wednesday we published Melinda Rizzo's "October Pumpkins" which is a very evocative poem about the seasons and pumpkins overlayed with the thought of a pumpkin festival that got out of hand. The names of the pumpkins seem to come from the past.
Pumpkins are hauled in from local farmers:

‘Buck’s Skin,’ ‘Jack-be-Little’and ‘Cinderella’s Coach.’
Holly Magill's poem "Tonight I'm Washing My Hair" was Thursday's poem which looked at the pronouncements of a British Lord that some disabled people are not worth paying full wages to. The point is well made here that loss of wages to anyone causes hardship.
that shampoo was on offer, better value
 – I’d prefer a more expensive brand,

the same as everyone else.

Now the £2 coin in my pocket

may need to stretch so much further.
Janine Booth gave her view on the same incident on Friday in "Freudian Slip" which looked at the attitudes behind the statement.
No, he wasn't just acting the jerk as
Though he'd just come down in a shower

He was voicing his deep-seated feeling

Have a good week everyone, keep sending in your poems. Please give some thought to being a Poetry24 editor next year. Abi and I will be moving on but we will give full training. Contact us by submissions email.