Wednesday, 22 October 2014

October Pumpkins

They litter the fields nearmy house.
Decorate neighborly frontsteps, porches,
tumble in wrought wire hangingbaskets,
are gathered up like eggs.

I’ve tucked a few into fadingsummer containers,
along with variegated winterkale. Chrysanthemums.
Flushed with withering frost-kissedsweet potato vines.

Some pile into the back seat
of an empty clay pot.
Others are marker spaced-targets, really,

so many walking paces apart.
Dueling partners, ormigrating robins,
breathing a weary sign onfence posts.

I haunt the local growerswhere in season
I buy coleus, six-packs of celosia,
zinnia starter plugs, and trailingvinca.

Now the vinca is gone.
Pumpkins are hauled in fromlocal farmers:
‘Buck’s Skin,’ ‘Jack-be-Little’and ‘Cinderella’s Coach.’

‘Cinderella’s’ cleavage runs longitudinallines
from stem end to an ample,curvaceous seat.
Deep ribs create buxom hips on‘Cinderella’ .

No Fairy godmother could haveanticipated this,
no Prince Charming in hisright mind could possibly resist.

Melinda Rizzo

New Hampshire pumpkin riot shows US divisions

Melinda Rizzo is a freelance writer and reporter, living in rural Bucks County, USA. She shares a nearly 200-year-old farmhouse with husband Phil, their son Adam and a black Labrador named Caleb.
The large kitchen - centrally located on the first floor - is the heart and soul of their home.