Thursday, 30 October 2014

'What Ed Milliband Should Do'

When the ex-wife of the king-to-be died
in that car crash in Paris –
that’s when Tony Blair fucked up.
That speech about the ‘People’s Princess’
seemed great at the time –
the whole country backing a Labour Prime Minister,
but then he went and advised Her Majesty
to get back to London pdq and join in
the widespread looking sad.
He thought he was showing leadership,
being patriotic; what he should have done
was let her continue her holiday in Balmoral,
stay away, let us all manage without her.
Then he could have announced:
I won’t be having tea with her no more.
I won’t be visiting the Palace.
If she has anything she wants to say to me,
she can write in, just like Citizen Spart,
and my Officials will send an acknowledgment, as they do.
Hanging round palaces doesn’t do
for Labour Prime Ministers, it sucks them in.
Ed Milliband should make it clear
he won’t be having tea in the Palace.

Richard Devereux

I belong to the Lansdown Poets, Bristol. My first love is Greece - I won Bristol Poetry Festival's  Dead Poet's Slam as Giannis Ritsos. I've been published on the Stare's Nest.