Monday, 15 September 2014

Sunday Review

Sorry about the lateness of the Sunday review. Real life got in the way a bit. Everything is fine but it was a bit busy.
Monday's poem was Burial at the Beach by Kristina England which looks at the tragedy and terror that can happen in an idyllic setting like a day at the beach. The aftermath of the event is also evoked.
Her parents dug and dug and dug. 
They are still digging,
drowned by their child’s grave,  

Tuesday's poem by Sue Norton was "Remembering James Foley"  which reminds us all of the real message of his death, not the message that his murderers want us to get.
Brother, may we remember

your passion for human rights,

not the barbarism of your death.
David R. Mellor's poem "Your So God-like (I.S)" looked at the perpetrators and demolished their justifications completely showing the vainglory behind it all.
Your bitter fame Your moment of goryIt’s not in Allah’s name
only yours
On Thursday, Phillip Johnson's poem "gloomy monday snap" pointed out some uncomfortable truth about the latest royal baby news. Philip points out the high cost of housing in London and asks who is going to pay for it.
the burdensome cost of welfare
and the addition of the spare room
Friday's poem was Rachel Gilpetti's "Oscar Pistorius Inside My Head"  which looks at the impact that this one case has had on our world. In particular the feelings of unease it can engender.
I don’t know what anyone is thinking.

Unless I’m having one of those days when I can read people’s minds.

I join the train of ants marching across a log.
I hope you all have a good week, keep sending in your submissions, there's plenty going on.