Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunday review

The first poem of the week was "NO" by Neil Fulwood which looks at the result of the Scottish Referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. It does not end on a cheerful note but the writing and imagery are excellent.
A crown of thorns
is biked up by courier, postmarked London,
wrapped in promises already broken.
Ruth Corkill's "The Conspiracy" was Tuesday's poem and examined some pretty amazing theories that are appear to be buzzing around the internet. I enjoyed the way the narrator gets a little overwhelmed with the rush of information but talks about the things the "everybody knows'
Everyone who works in the Pentagon commutes from Chechnya.
Hannah Linden's  poem "Under The Bridge" was Thursday's poem dealing with the disbelief and unconcern that is shown toward child sexual abuse.  And just this week I read an article from a woman living in New Zealand dealing with the terrible time she had to experience when seeking justice for a rape. It is extremely distressing to think that this problem is not being addressed. 
Now we can't move without getting our feet
wet and it's the same murky cess-pool that should have
been childhood. We should have been playing pooh sticks
Simon Williams' poem "Gorham's Cave" was our Friday poem and put us inside the mind of Neanderthal people and their interactions with
"the thin ones with no eyebrows"
  This is description which will stick with me for awhile.
Abi and I had a chat mid-week and are thinking of handing over the editorships to interested people by the beginning of next year. If you are interested in filling the role, at what I stress is a very preliminary stage of the process, drop us an email and we'll have a talk.
Keep safe and  keep the poems coming.