Monday, 15 September 2014

'The Poppy'

A visit to the tower, a sea of red,
This one hundred year centenary to commemorate the dead.
A war to end all wars, they said.
Why then one hundred years later are so many dead?

World War Two came a few years later.
The First World War to end all wars was not to be:
Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Israel too.
What have we learnt what can we do?

Religion and greed far outweigh the seed of the poppy,
A symbol of life given to free man from oppression and 
dictation, We have learnt nothing: there’s still depredation.

The children must learn to lay down their arms, live life in 
peace. Their young tender lives should be filled with charm,
not the ability to cause hatred and harm.

Wars bring destruction, displacement and grief.
Our politicians must install belief in human kind to live in 

 Lynn Carr

Photograph by David Rowland

Lynn Carr is an ex Local Authority Councillor of South Ockendon, Essex.  She was inspired to write this poem after attending the Poppy installation at the tower of london and was moved greatly by the sight. Lynn now spends her time working on her local farm and contributing to community projects. As well as this she plans to write more poetry to channel her political views into an artistic form'