Monday, 1 September 2014

'I heard the man on the radio say'

Everyone is talking about
but no one much is
asking why
the spotlight has fallen on
this council at just
this time.

Or why
these public servants
must be brought to account
while some other
public servants,
in higher circles,
still have nothing
to fear.

Are we really
supposed to believe
it is not happening
and that it hasn’t happened
and been covered up,
over and over

Everyone is talking about
Rotherham –
and I,
I am the last
person to defend
the bastards
who did it,
who have escaped justice,
got away scot free,
and yet ruined
so many young lives –
but I cannot help thinking
there is something up
and something else
is going on here –
and also that someone
has missed the point
which is surely
the victims in this case.

Yet no one has had much
to say about how to help
the people
who have suffered
who continue to suffer
and may do
all their lives

while, yesterday,
I heard the man on the radio say
(by way of explanation)
that the police had seen
some ‘silly young girls’

who were involved
with alcohol and drugs
and seemed almost to deserve’
what happened  
to them.

I heard the man
on the radio
say –

© Abigail Wyatt