Friday, 26 September 2014

Gorham’s Cave

There really is no better way
to spend an evening than the beach.
the light on the sea is like
the insides of those shells, the ones
with the tasty muscly bits.

We sit until the sun drops to the water,
before retiring with a few good friends,
the thin ones with no eyebrows, to our cave,
and under the light of oil sticks,
play a game or two of Squares.

We’re still developing the rules,
but think there should be some moves
straight and some diagonal.
We’ve carved a board into the ledge.
The Men are keen to start a tournament.
Neanderthal cave paintings.

©Simon Williams
Simon often writes on subjects gleaned from the BBC or Wikipedia sites and also runs a Facebook group called Poem A Day which, by coincidence, runs in April and September, so he's busy writing this month.
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