Monday, 29 September 2014

'The Fall'

Sunlight on a snow topped mountain, 
The blue of sky mirrored by sea, 
My children's smiles,
The sounds of a stream falling over stones. 

These are beautiful in their own fashion

Yet, to my eyes they are nothing to the elegance 
Of a rectangle
With rounded corners 
And shiny aluminium and glass.  

Oh naked phone of perfect beauty, 
Status of premium degree. 
Love most profound. 
Lasting days. 

Until, alas! 
Heartbreak and despair. 
Perfection, once yours is ruined for ever, 
By the pressures of a front pocket. 
Bent, banana like. 

Must buy another. 

Gordon Nicholson

Observer of the ridiculous, coffee addict and wild swimmer. A Brummy living in Devon, working on first novel. Raising kids.