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Thursday, 18 September 2014


No Guns, No Fires, No Explosions,
Still the innocents are killed...
No one can be accused
No one can be abhorred
It is a natural calamity
we are struck with again!
A devil and a human pathogen
terminating thousands of lives.
It is deadly and symptomatic,
It is transmissible and incurable,
It is winning the war;
as no vaccines or therapeutics
exist to combat the battle.
Simple Quarantine is applied
to save lives.
We mourn for the departed ones
We stand beside the grappling one
We raise our hopes to the Diety-
To shower some Mercy upon us
and miraculously prevent mortality by Ebola Virus!

©Fareha Razvi

Dr. Fareha Razvi has enjoyed writing poems since school days, got published in school, college and private kids magazines. Scientist by profession, currently besides being mom of two toddlers brushing up the writing skills. 
"Research is a boat in the ocean of patience, Sinks with dismay, Floats with hardwork!"


  1. The flu has been with us for a long time. We're used to losing thousands of people to it every year, mostly the old and the immune compromised. It's like car accident deaths: tens of thousands a year, with little fanfare.

  2. True! Nature Creates, Nature Destroys; many things are beyond human control. Least we can do is Cherish Life; Love and Care the people around us!