Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Review

John Saunders' poem "An Explosion of Sadness" talked about the sort of uncertainty we live with in relation to the plane crash in Ukraine. It is summed up very concisely and accurately in the two last lines
Who knows next week, where,
what will fall from the air?

"Escape" by Sutanuka Banerjee was our next poem and had as its subject an issue that has slipped out of the world's mind: child brides. I like the way the poem looks at the issue in context of the wider society.
Stories are given birth
In those rustic gardens
Embracing atom and universe 

Thursday's poem was "New York Morning" by Maurice Devitt which is about a protest that involved raising white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.  There is some delicate imagery in this poem before the question it asks.
is it to surrender
or first flutterings
of peace?

No Place To Hide by Sue Norton told the stories of children caught up the stupid and deadly games adults play. In a time of great uncertainty and suffering this poem seeks to tell the stories of children maimed by war. It is the sort of thing that our political leaders need to be reminded off every day.
Daad is 11. Her dreams are nightmares, too many faces 
 of dead friends. I hate the future so much, she says.
Have a good and safe week everyone and keep on sending your poems to us. It can be very helpful to get something down about how you feel.