Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Review

Alan Johnson's poem "Later" about the centenary of the beginning of World War 1 was our poem on Monday. It is a very evocative exploration of memories of that time and how it relates to us and the sort of choices we all make.
I think on all the young men I was, but escaped from…………being.
Tuesday's poem was Mona Dash's "The Rape of Childhood" a very strong poem about child abuse. The truly heartbreaking final stanza explains the poem in a far better manner than I can.
The one shot at childhood,
that once broken,
Nothing can rebuild the
Spire of the dreams of tomorrow
Bryn Hyfrd's "For Estela" was Wednesdays poem about and Argentinian grandmother being re-united with her grandson. The poem makes the point about keeping up protests when you know that your right.
I am the madwoman who

asks too many questions

unpicking a tapestry of lies

its holes shedding light on 

the faces of the disappeared 
On Thursday Abi Wyatt's poem "12th August, 2014",  marking the death of Robin Williams made a fitting statement about the impact it had on us.
Over breakfast coffee so much
is said, written, tweeted,
posted on Facebook and yet
there is so little left to say.
A star burned out and fell today -
Joshua Baumgarten's poem "sense of it"  gave an insight into  America's firearms problem and very astutely positioned that problem in the whole society.
 wound up maniacal states
stampeding boulevards flame filled pothole dreams
 all you can devour cannabilistic buffet

open 24hrs. 
I hope each one of you has a good week. Please keep sending your poems in because this is a time when we need to hear everyone's voices.