Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday Review

Sue Norton's Poem "Is There a Crisis in Our Prisons?" was Monday's poem as a response to the UK Minister would said that prisons are not failing. As Sue's poem most forcefully says, in fact they are.
Unless the Minister feels that the following incident is actually what prisons should be about.
I’ve seen people boil up
Cooking oil, I’ve seen people
Get that in their face. 

The UK Prime Minister also provoked a response in Tuesday's poem from Philip Johnson "smug two face the toff's butler" . His statement that parents need to turn off TV more frequently is contrasted with the amount of time that politicians spend on TV.
not so good if you want to appear on TV
as a head-u-cated honourable sort (while
ripping off blighty backwards)

Wednesday's poem by Sutapa Chaudhuri "The Moment the Camera Caught Her" 
was inspired by a photo of a chils soldier and examines that most chilling of  modern symbols, the child soldier. The last stanza powerfully contrasts the normal teenage years with the ultra-violent life of the subject.
Gunfire and guerrilla warfare         cohabit     with teenage tantrums

Adolescent dreams turn fast into                                nightmares of Reality
Thursday's poem was "Femme Fatale" by Shadwell Smith and is a tribute to the death of Lauren Bacall. It was strangely calming to read of someone who had a good life and made other people happy.
A dime store avatar for all that’s in disguise
and in your dreams.
Laura Taylor's poem "Commodities" was Friday's poem about the horrendous events in Rotherham. It looks at the attitudes that allowed this monstrosity to happen. It is a justifiably angry poem which spares no feelings and for that we should be grateful. The truth should rouse us to take action.
Not old enough to get a job, leave school,

or give consent,

but old enough to be consigned

by men to men.

We are still having problems with Blogger and the Hotmail account. Please send your poetry submissions to the new gmail account and be patient with what we publish. Have a good week, Spring may be breaking through in New Zealand. Already some politicians are feeling the heat, google "Judith Collins Whaleoil" to see what I mean