Friday, 22 August 2014

Lunch Is Out (After Cole Porter and Kirsty MacColl)

Our Momma regrets
we’re unable to lunch today
it’s wrong
our Momma regrets
we’re unable to lunch today
our quotas exceeded
ate more calories than we needed
- Or so their boffins say –
it’s wrong
Abdullah regrets
he’s unable to lunch today
he strayed onto Sahada Street
where Palestinians are not allowed to meet
detained for trespass on his own land
- yes, apartheid’s hard to understand –
it’s wrong
Fatima regrets
she’s unable to lunch today
sought shelter in a school
her mother and babies too
- no iron dome for them,
just that fatal shell –
now the last one left to tell
it’s wrong
Saladin, just sixteen
played on the beach with friends
too late they heard the coward’s drone
at least he did not die alone
just one of a throng two thousand strong
all, with regret
unable to lunch today.
It’s wrong.


© Michael Gallaghe
Mike Gallagher's first collection 'Stick on Stone' was published by Revival Press in 2013