Monday, 25 August 2014

Is There A Crisis In Our Prisons?

There’s ‘concern’ over one in five prisons.
Overcrowded jails take more inmates.
Young prisoner suicides need to fall.

No money for rehabilitation means
Four out of five youngsters
Banged up, reoffend.

Nearly a third of prisoners feel unsafe.
If you don’t fight you get terrorised.
It’s not a nice place for a kid.

I’ve seen people boil up
Cooking oil, I’ve seen people
Get that in their face.

Prison Governors say
Staff levels are too low
For decent, safe regimes.

Good remedial action is
Essential now,
or Things will only get worse.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling
Is absolutely clear: there’s no crisis.
Our prisons are not failing.

Chris Grayling says prisons not failing.

© Sue Norton

Sue lives and writes in York