Friday, 8 August 2014

Four Boys Playing Football on the Beach

I’m Messi!

No, I’m Messi; don’t you start!
Okay, I’m Neymar; beforehe got hurt.
Neymar? You’re crazy, I’ll be Van Persie

My brothers and I,
sun, sand and blue sky.
Who knows? Maybe one day
we will be household names.

For our ball,
a small buoy
My dad said it’s got holes
so now it’s our toy.

The match starts,
we kick with bare feet;
and singing hearts.

I try to do a trick,
but it goes wide off the sticks,
no goal… but boy; what a strike!

We run and pass;
we kick some more,
We’re all getting tired,
I get lucky, and score!

Like a real star I kiss my shirt,
try to glide on my knees,
and point up to the sky.

As we’re catching our breath,
loudest thing ever heard:
Swooosh! Bam!
And we’re down in the sand.

My eyes cannot see,
I can’t feel my feet.
I think of mama and pray.

Before too long
they hit us again
ending my pain.

Four boys,
lying like
broken toys.

Will the world now make us household names?
Ahed, Ismail, Zakariya and Mohammad Bakr.

Bio: Francisco Rebollo  (aka flycisco) @flycisco
Writer, poet, pilot, surfer and father of a young boy. A Mexican living in Ireland
writes poetry and is currently working on his first novel working title: 'Propdogs'