Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Three hundred eyes for an eye,

Three hundred teeth for a tooth.


Where is the truth?

The wise and ancient retaliation law

Couldn’t just stand;


Planned or unplanned,

One way or the other it moved.

The Messiah came with the challenge –

No eye for an eye,

No tooth for a tooth,

Leading to Peace and reconciliation.

Do cry,

But, together, face the truth.

Not easy.

But now the three hundred eyes and teeth

Fly in the face of humanity:

One mother is not more a mother than another,

One father is not more a father….

One child is not more a child ….

One sister, one brother …..

How can ‘leaders’ be so blind?

What has become of our common humankind?
© John D.Kirwan 
Gaza war: the emotional toll

 Wirral born (1940!) and bred. Catholic missionary, ordained 1965. Uganda 65-68; Paris 68-71; Kenya 71-73; The Netherlands 73-78;Paris 78-79; Zaïre/DRC 1980----; Interested in poetry since the 1950's. (Title to fame: Clare Kirwan's uncle!)